It’s a home-grown, organic garden... in a box!

It’s early in the morning. The grass is still covered in dew. You’re got your gardening gloves on, and you’re picking ripe, juicy tomatoes for a salad. You bite into the succulent red flesh of one, and it’s the most delicious organic tomato you’ve ever tasted. And you grew it yourself!

Perfect for gardens big and small, a Veggie Box is a raised, modular box that fits anywhere, even the balcony of a townhouse. It’s as easy as ready, steady, grow! You select what you want growing in your Veggie Box from our range of vegetable and herb Heirloom seedlings. These are planted in organic soil, and your Veggie Box is delivered and installed at your home. All you need to do is water your seedlings, and harvest your veggies when they’re ripe.

Organic veggies and herbs from your own garden just taste better. They’re freshly picked, free of insecticides, and packed with nutrients. Growing your own vegetables is a fun and rewarding hobby that the whole family will enjoy, children especially! Your Veggie Box is easy to maintain, and takes all the hassle out of getting your own organic veggie garden growing.

You don’t need green fingers to enjoy the goodness of home-grown vegetables and herbs. Ready, set... and grow your own veggies, with a pre-planted vegetable box that takes the hassle out of healthy eating.

  • Just add water! Veggie boxes come ready to grow, with seedlings of your choice planted in organic soil
  • For gardens, big or small! Your raised Veggie Box is perfect for townhouses, verandas and balconies
  • Freshly picked! Harvest your own vegetables and herbs – it’s tasty and nutritious, with no insecticides
  • Kids love it! Teach children the joy of fresh veggies, with fun and rewarding Veggie Boxes for little ones


We can also come and plant a vegetable garden directly into your garden. We will come and assess the soil and location and prepare the garden with additional compost and nutrients that will be needed for your Veggies. We will then plant your seedlings directly into your soil.